Utility loader line

Manufacturer has expanded its L-Series Wheel Loader lineup with four new utility models. The 444L, 644L, 644L Hybrid and 724L have improvements over prior models to boost performance and productivity, including a redesigned Z-Bar loader linkage; updated, ergonomically designed cab; electrohydraulic controls; and, a more robust heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.


“The new L-Series line is a culmination of customer feedback, industry-leading innovation, and versatile machines that are made to perform in a variety of applications,” says John Deere Product Marketing Manager, Wheel Loaders Grant Van Tine. “Having machines that are designed to improve productivity, provide all-day comfort and perform reliably day in and day out, makes all the difference.”

The powerful new loaders are designed to maximize productivity, he adds. Horsepower has been increased from the previous K-Series on the 644L, 644L Hybrid and 724L models, boasting 249 horsepower (186 kW), 231 horsepower (172 kW) and 268 horsepower (200 kW), respectively. The redesigned Z-Bar linkage provides improved visibility to the front attachment and near parallel lift, which is now 8 degrees. A change from previous models, this improves load leveling throughout the lift cycle. Additionally, the 724L hinge pin height on the standard Z-Bar was enhanced by 3 inches compared to the K-Series machine, increasing clearance when dumping into hoppers or trucks.

The all-new cab is filled with features to provide a performance work environment, including increased functional storage, durable seats and an improved HVAC system. Customers can choose standard or premium cab options; both deliver three more inches of room between the pedals and the seat compared to the previous models. The standard cab features a deluxe cloth, air suspension seat, while the premium version is equipped with a heated and ventilated heavy-duty air suspension seat plus automatic temperature control. The updated and relocated HVAC controls are easily reached, so the operator can adjust the blower speed or temperature with ease, while rear defrost improves cold weather visibility.

The single-lever hydraulic joystick control with an ergonomically designed grip sports a standard forward-neutral-reverse switch as well as two multifunction buttons that can be programmed to control any of 10 different functions selected in the monitor. This helps operators easily control multiple functions without removing their hand from the joystick. When properly equipped, the lever likewise features integrated thumb rollers for auxiliary functions, making the single-lever joystick capable of controlling up to six different functions.

With the new EH functionality, the operator can select how abrupt the bucket or boom stops and adjust hydraulic flow percentage using the monitor for specific attachments. The bucket vibrate feature aids when dumping or sprinkling loose material, while the EH precision mode allows for fine metering when placing pipe or heavy objects. The operator is able to store specific settings for up to 10 different attachments in the monitor. In addition, the new constant auxiliary flow function allows the operator to continuously run attachments without having to hold a lever or roller. An optional seat belt minder monitoring system sends an alert to JDLink if the device is not latched within 30 seconds of releasing the park brake. An indicator beacon on the cab illuminates green when the seat belt is in use.

The 644L and 724L machines are available with over 30 new pin-on and coupler bucket configurations. New Enhanced Production buckets improve performance and material retention over previous offerings with integrated spill guards, curved side cutters and greater rollback. New shaft style forks provide better visibility through the forks and to the tips. www.JohnDeere.com