Leading edge lanyards

New line of 6-ft. lanyards has been tested and approved for use over precast concrete and steel beams. “Leading edge workers have unique safety needs,” says Werner Director of Product Management Eric Miller. “We use aircraft-grade steel cables that can stand strong against other tough materials, and our innovative DeCoil technology decreases impact at the end of a fall. Those factors ensure that our leading-edge fall protection lanyards perform when it matters most.”

Available in four different anchorage connector configurations—single or twin leg with snap hook and single or twin leg with rebar hook—each lanyard is made from ¼-in. 7×19 vinyl-coated galvanized steel cable, and rated for a 12-ft. free fall for users up to 310 lbs. or 6-ft. free fall for up to 400 lbs. The lanyards bear the DCELL shock pack, a deceleration device used to reduce the fall arrest force. It curtails risk of serious injury that could be caused by falling to the end of a static cable, allowing the lanyard to absorb some of the force of the fall rather than transferring all of it to the user’s body. Each lanyard also features a snap hook to connect to the user’s harness, which provides an audible signal that the hook is securely fastened, as well as distinctive yellow and black “leading edge” labels. — WernerCo/Fall Protection, Itasca, Ill., 888/523-3371; www.wernerco.com/us/support/fallprotection