Centralized truck lubrication

Fluid handling equipment manufacturer has upgraded its line of EZ Greaser compact lubrication flow divider valves. The assemblies’ compact series progressive (CSP) divider valves add centralized lubrication to trucks, tractors and trailers. Users can safely maintain many vehicle components or parts from one fitting, shortening the amount of time spent greasing and ensuring no grease points are overlooked.

“With 17 available assemblies based on CSP technology, the portfolio of options are compatible with most on-road truck and tractor configurations and are 30 percent lighter than the previous generation,” says Graco Lubrication Equipment Division Global Product Marketing Manager Dan Jensen. “The EZ Greaser platform makes it easy to upgrade to a fully-automatic lubrication system with the option of adding the electric powered G-Mini or air-powered E-Series pumps.” — Graco Inc., Minneapolis, www.graco.com/ezgreaser