Partners eye new plateau in scanner-derived structural data capture

A collaboration between Semcon Norge AS of Sweden and ELOP of Norway is set to deliver Cobri, a market-ready scanner for critical concrete infrastructure by year end. “Semcon will complement ELOP’s expertise in scanning with further expertise in multi-disciplinary solution development. We are looking forward to provide all our experience from material technology, embedded electronics development, design for manufacturing, UX design, product information and overall systems design,” says Semcon Area Manager Hans Peter Havdal.

ELOP’s ultrasound scanning technology can quickly, efficiently and accurately collect infrastructure assessment data. With the help of the data, owners of concrete bridges, tunnels and buildings can extract accurate information to assess structural condition. “[Semcon’s] deep domain expertise in product development and industrialization will assist ELOP in developing the Cobri scanner into a robust and user-friendly solution. This project will include user-based development of the present solution, and optimization for efficient production and operation,” notes CEO Kjersti Kanne.

The collaboration also encompasses digital product information to simplify scanner use and service. Semcon officials note how their company’s wide expertise across many industries will enable ELOP to provide Cobri users relevant and easily accessible information. — Semmer AB, Göteborg, Sweden,