Mix, aggregate water content gauges

The Sono WZ probe and Sono Dis meter can determine the water content of fresh concrete directly on-site in a matter of minutes. Users can correlate mix design parameters such as water/cement ratio, cement content, slump and admixture dosages. The WZ can be adjusted for mixes designed for self-consolidating, lightweight or other plastic or finished concrete properties. The Dis presents measurements in pounds/cubic yard and liters/cubic meter values.

The Sono platform affords representative measurements with accurate, real-time averaged moisture values at a rate of four per second. Also available is the Sono M1probe, which can be connected to the Dis to measure aggregates moisture levels. All probes use the manufacturer’s Cable Radar technology. — MESA System Co., Stonington, Conn., 508/655-6372 www.mesasystemsco.com