ANSI-grade eye, face protection

Domestically made, American National Standards Institute-certified RealShield attaches to a hardhat, cap or visor. While ANSI standards are what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration refers to as the “criteria for determining face shield acceptability,” adult and youth size RealShields are ANSI Z-87.1-2020 certified for eye and face protection. Both versions ship in retail packs of four or 50-unit bulk packs.

“We had our team design RealShield from scratch using the latest findings from experts and scientists,” says Racing Optics President Bart Wilson. “We knew it was critical to obtain the proper certifications and approvals from governmental entities.” The shatterproof, 15-mil thick device harnesses decades of product design experience, he adds, and delivers a low-cost, reusable face shield to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from airborne droplets. — Racing Optics Inc., Las Vegas;