Simplex-USA rebranding fuels road creed

American Highway, a Simplex Co. is the new identity of Simplex-USA, a key player in concrete pavement dowels and dowel baskets. “Our intent on this pivot is to better inform and provide more color definition to this large industry landscape,” says Co-CEO Ron Meskis. “Prior to Simplex’s purchase of Dayton Superior’s paving division in 2019, the trade name of American Highway was predominantly used to supply steel products to the concrete paving industry. As such, the name brings long-established road creed and added value to our overall corporate brand as a familiar staple in the industry.”

“American Highway has a long-recognized reputation and is something I am quite proud of having been a part of since its [early 2000s] inception,” adds Chairman Mark Kaler. “Consequently, I am now even more excited to be part of the company’s growth plans, providing added products and value for our contractor and distributor partners. Paving continued growth and further acquisitions are chiefly in the ambit of American Highway as the preeminent leader of specialty road products. Now made even stronger through its new trade name.”

The company recently relocated its West Coast manufacturing operations from Ontario, Calif., to Fernley, Nev. Along with the new facility, American Highway has 448,000 square feet under roof and 25 acres of capacity across the new facility, plus Illinois and Minnesota satellites. Combined payroll exceeds 150.

“Our collective human capital will continue to drive unprecedented success within the highway industry,” affirms Simplex-USA founder Sarah Bazey, who served as CEO for 30-plus years and oversaw the acquisition of JC Supply & Manufacturing, including the Dayton Superior paving assets.