Portable electric screed

The Eel Screed 6100 features a direct drive system, eliminating pulleys and linkage belts and adding to the unit’s ease of maintenance. A variable control, ergonomically integrated into the unit’s handle, allows working speeds between 0-300 rpm and provides ease of operation to adjust for different slump conditions or mix delivery rates. A single button directional change allows for fast and easy adjustments in confined areas or complex pours, and the multi-position handle accommodates three positions for enhanced operator comfort. The electric-powered Eel Screed requires a 120-volt, 60-hertz outlet or generator. Internal cord storage provides for easy machine transport and protection from damage.

The 6100 equips users to finish concrete screeding faster and more comfortably than alternative methods, Curb Roller Mfg. contends.

A one-pin connection on the stainless-steel shaft and screed ends allows for fast setup, enabling operators to proceed to their next jobsite as quickly as possible. Once onsite, operators insert the screed ends into SCH40 4-in. aluminum pipe and plug the system into a power source. The Eel Screed 6100 offers ease of operation for all experience levels and serves as a comfortable, reliable option for concrete flatwork. An electric screeding tool helps eliminate potential worker injuries that might come from a hands-and-knees board screeding method. The model includes a heavy-duty kickstand to avoid setting the unit in wet concrete or dust. The Eel Screed’s premier all-steel housing protects the motor and electrical components inside from moisture, concrete mix splash and accidental impact. – Curb Roller Manufacturing, Fairview, Kan., 785/467-3132; www.curbroller.com