Carolina Sunrock vet launches driver-incentivizing Rocket Start app

Sources: Rocket Start, Raleigh, N.C.; CP staff

Manny Tejano, a fleet manager with North Carolina ready mixed and aggregate independent Carolina Sunrock, has developed a mobile device app through which mixer truck drivers can track their yard and field performance against peers, garner rewards for a job well done, and compete for top positions on a leaderboard. 

The Rocket Start app is programmed to function for driver users only when they are not in motion. Tejano is working with Chicago-based Digital Fleet to capture key driver performance metrics, eyeing the potential for incentivizing timely execution of duties from pre-trip inspection to last load washout. He envisions driver “rewards” potentially transitioning to direct deposit bonus payments. Thus far, Rocket Start deployment in Carolina Sunrock has seen respective driver callout instances and tardiness rate reductions of 35 percent and 25 percent.

Technology Trends columnist Craig Yeack offers additional perspective on Rocket Start in the October issue of Concrete Products.

app screenshot

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