Jobsite module ups productivity bar in many-to-many Command Alkon platform

On the heels of deployments involving top names in heavy civil construction, Command Alkon has released the Connex Jobsite platform to orchestrate material movements; job cost tracking, order and yield management; and, provide traceability plus quality assurance insights. Information shared digitally across construction project stakeholders boosts productivity, safety, and project outcome certainty, Connex programmers affirm.

“Over 1 million tickets are processed each day and cost the industry over $1 billion annually in North America alone,” observes Command Alkon Product Manager Alex Moody. “We must modernize and transform to digital formats for better communication, collaboration, and information exchange across all project participants. Digitization ultimately generates more timely and accurate data, enabling faster, more intelligent business decisions.”

Connex Jobsite includes an electronic material ticket management system that automates longstanding manual practices across the industry. This eliminates the dependence on paper tickets that are often illegible and easily misplaced, while addressing challenges current methods for tracking materials and truck assets create. Each electronic transaction ensures that both parties view the same data; buyers can more efficiently reconcile accepted goods and services against invoices, permitting quicker payment to their valued suppliers and faster month-end closings.

“Jobsite helps contractors significantly reduce materials and trucking costs,” notes Command Alkon Vice President, Contractor Solutions Dexter Bachelder. “We help field and office teams stay safe and productive by digitalizing manual and paper-based processes, which helps projects perform better and be more profitable.” The majority of heavy building material tickets in the U.S. flow through the company’s systems, he adds, putting Command Alkon in the perfect position to digitize ticket data through the Connex platform.


Jobsite is programmed to reduce manual processes to improve productivity and net savings by enabling management of materials yield; effecting cloud-based exchange of material tickets and eProof of Deliveries using business rules and automated workflows on the many-to-many main Connex platform; bringing order ticketing information to life by tracking materials entering a jobsite to streamline the real-time delivery process; integrating buying, receiving, and accounting to simplify the procure to pay process and speed reconciliation; providing real-time visibility of material quantities and job expenses; reducing waste and improving material yield and asset utilization; and, proactively providing customers with shipping status and expected delivery times. — Command Alkon, Birmingham, Ala.,

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