Software, IoT devices complete ready mixed dispatch-plant-truck link

Sources: Complete Load Solutions, Chicago; CP staff

A Chicago-based technology developer aims to eliminate load-out errors and maximize ready mixed concrete plant production through a patent-backed program and Internet of Things device platform enabling full realization of communications links between ready mixed concrete dispatch software, batch software, and mixer trucks.

Complete Load Solutions’ technology and devices address the absence of a functional relationship between the mixer truck and ready mixed concrete batch plant, and complement established dispatch-plant and dispatch-truck communication.

“Consider the dispatch-batch panel-truck triangle. Dispatch has a relationship with the other points, but the truck and plant are not shaking hands electronically. Tying the truck into this equation opens up a whole new world of possibilities in our space,” explains Complete Load Solutions co-founder and President Brent Pommerening. “We capture low-hanging fruit by creating an electronic ‘staging area’ before the plant and ‘load verification’ point under the plant, which allows us to power an automatic ticketing to loading cycle.”

“Ready mixed concrete customers require transparency and want to be confident that the load they are to supposed to receive is actually their intended material, and no possibility exists that the incorrect load/truck arrives on site, or even worse, is unloaded on the wrong jobsite,” adds co-founder and Vice President Patrick Dunbar. “A general contractor superintendent or agency inspector needs to know 100 percent of the time that concrete based on the mix design, ticket, and intended truck is what’s ready to pour. This is the ultimate QC/QA/DOT platform. The build out of our technology will eliminate manual load-checking processes and redundancies in handling paper.”

“When a plant is equipped to never load the wrong mix on a truck , you are pushing down liability insurance. Producers large and small see the prospects for lower premiums and less risk on all types of projects,” Dunbar affirms. “Instead of adding another task, our goal is to program software and equipment that run in the background. We want users to be able to produce more concrete as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Complete Load Solutions is discussing interface prospects with dispatch and batch software developers ahead of a projected 2021 beta installation. A full report on the technology and commercialization path is posted here. — Complete Load Solutions, LLC, 312/599-0838;