Martin Marietta QC techs inaugurate integrated Forney, Quadrel platform

Martin Marietta Materials Denver-area ready mixed operations are the premier users of a cloud-enabled materials and concrete cylinder data platform supported by the integration of Quadrel LLC quality control software and ForneyVault compressive strength testing machine technology.

“The Quadrel and ForneyVault interface makes our work seamless in the lab and removes the need for manual data collection with pens, paper and clipboards,” says Martin Marietta Director of Technical Services Todd Genovese. “For our concrete cylinders, we can view data, conduct analysis and generate reports in one place.”

“Martin Marietta samples concrete in the field. That sample data is sent to ForneyVault. In the lab, technicians use ForneyTools to print specimen labels that are scanned at our machines to identify the specimens and complete the strength tests,” explains Forney Vice President, Platform Development Scott Grumski. “Quadrel pulls the results from ForneyVault for analysis and reporting.”

ForneyVault links testing machines, laboratory information management system packages, third-party software and ancillary equipment via a private cloud database. Data flows seamlessly throughout the process, reducing the risk of errors and increasing compliance with contract testing requirements.

Pittsburgh-based Quadrel integrated ForneyVault into its cloud-based iService software, a performance and quality management solution for mix design, yield management, dynamic submittals and statistical analysis. All material, mix, batch, cost and test data can be accessed from a single point of entry. iService also functions at the front-end of dispatch and batch panel systems; its Close Loop Integration process ensures that delivered concrete matches the original mix design, saving producers material wastage and batching variability costs. — Forney LP, Zelienople, Pa.;


ForneyVault-enabled data concentration and flow enable ready mixed producers like Martin Marietta to shed legacy pen & paper quality control methods and build confidence among engineers, contractors, owners and agencies.