ACPA chapter regroups under new UtahRMCA paving committee

Sources: Utah Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Alpine; CP staff

Effective August 1, members of the former American Concrete Pavement Association Utah Chapter are invited to join the newly formed Utah RMCA Concrete Paving Committee, through which producers and contractors will leverage resources of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Pave Ahead initiative. 

Supported by NRMCA and Portland Cement Association, the committee will promote concrete pavement for highways, parking lots, city streets, and roads. Once-separate URMCA and ACPA Utah Chapter efforts will be strengthened to give more focused and unified support to the Utah Department of Transportation plus state or local Associated Builders & Contractors and Associated General Contractors affiliates. The Pave Ahead approach parallels URMCA’s embrace of the NRMCA-backed Build with Strength coalition. 

“Joint promotional efforts will amplify our message of the importance of Pave Ahead and Build with Strength as we build—horizontally and vertically—for Utah’s future,” says Concrete Paving Committee Chair Cody Preston (Geneva Rock Products). “Likewise, we have begun planning for our Annual Concrete Pavement Workshop which will be held in January 2021. Our combined efforts will ensure another educational, engaging and motivating workshop.”

“Utah, already ranked #1 in terms of states with the best infrastructure, will surely benefit from the consolidated efforts of the Concrete Paving Committee,” adds URMCA Chair Scott Reynolds (Altaview Concrete). “That Utah leads the nation in both building and growth and that we lead the country when it comes to the least amount of damage to interstates and bridges, are a few of the reasons why it is such a great place to live.”