Sika answers permeability with hydrophobic hydrophilic admixtures

The introduction of a powdered, concrete plant-dispensed agent positions Sika Corp. as reportedly the only admixture producer to offer the two core permeability reducing technologies: hydrophilic crystalline and hydrophobic pore blocking. The hydrostatic application-geared WT-240 P is in the former category and meets ASTM C-494 Type S requirements. Its moisture activated compounds produce insoluble crystalline deposits that form within the capillary system. The crystalline formulations have the ability to reduce capillary pore size and prevent water penetration in concrete slabs or structures.


The WT-240 P and WT-240 P Red admixtures ship, respectively, in 12-lb. and 16-lb. repulpable bags. Specifying the integral agents free contractors from labor associated with traditional concrete waterproofing methods involvig loose-laid or adhered membranes.

Use of WT-240 P in watertight concrete applications, Sika notes, can result in up to 85 percent permeability reduction, per DIN 1048 testing; uniform waterproofing throughout the entire concrete volume; improved hydrostatic pressure resistance; and, sealing of up to 0.016-in. cracks. A color tracer in a companion agent, WT-240 P Red, makes it visibly apparent that a concrete load contains the crystalline based permeability admixture.

WT-240 P can be used with Sika’s hydrophobic pore blocking admixture, Watertight Concrete Powder, to lower permeability in hydraulic structures whereby they retain water or keep it from infiltrating conditioned spaces. Integral admixtures provide expedited slab or structure completion and reduced labor costs. — Sika Corp., Lyndhurst, N.J., 201/933-8800;

Eldorado Stone LLC has introduced a color palette to accentuate the classically-inspired aesthetics of RoughCut, one of its most popular precast concrete veneer profiles. As residential or commercial project specifiers seek more nuanced, up-to-date design options, multilayered color notes mirroring France’s Loire Valley artfully blend contemporary hues with the producer’s classic, nature-inspired textures.

“There has been an increased interest in classic looks with a contemporary twist, so we created this new color palette to refresh one of our most time-honored profiles,” says Eldorado Stone Director of Marketing Sarah Lograsso. “With the introduction of Loire Valley RoughCut, specifiers can now incorporate a fresh new color into their projects while still embracing more traditional stone surfaces.”

Inspired by the French countryside after which it derives its name, Loire Valley RoughCut presents a sophisticated gradient of ivories and muted creams with touches of sand and rust. Bold, hand-formed RoughCut shapes incorporate embedded, fossilized artifacts on a roughly cleaved, pronounced face to mimic the character of limestone. RoughCut units are cast in 2- to 11-in. heights and 2- to 18-in. lengths. Loire Valley joins the series’ Autumn Lead, Brunell, Casa Blanca, Moonlight, Vineyard Trail and Wheatfield color offerings. Eldorado Stone LLC, Boral Stone Division, San Marcos, Calif.,