CR Minerals confirms plant expansion tripling natural pozzolan output

Sources: CR Minerals Co., Fort Worth, Texas; CP staff  

Opened in 2018 with initial capacity of 150,000 tons/year, the Pueblo plant processes the Tephra grades from raw materials railed from CR Minerals’ New Mexico pumice deposit.

The largest processor of raw natural pozzolans for performance mixes and Class F fly ash substitution will invest more than $10 million over a three-year period to increase capacity at a Pueblo, Colo. operation dedicated to concrete and oil & gas grades. CR Minerals aims to more than triple production capabilities of its Tephra NP, OG and (remediated fly ash) RFA pumiceous materials. 

“The continued growth of our business in Colorado and declining availability of high-quality fly ash for customers are the driving forces behind our decision,” says CR Minerals President Jeffrey Whidden. “Expanding the plant at this time, even in these uncertain economic conditions, will enable us to serve our customers uninterrupted for years to come. As part of this expansion, we once again thank the City of Pueblo, Pueblo Economic Development Corporation, and the area’s workforce for their continued support.”

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