Tindall schedules production of C-I-P, hollow core slab alternative

Source: Tindall Corp., Spartanburg, S.C.; CP staff

The Tindall Superior Lightweight All-Purpose Beam (T-SLAB) is presented as the first and only system of its kind—a precast solution affording superior performance and constructability over both cast-in-place and prestressed hollow-core plank. Fabricated in up to 12-ft. widths, T-SLAB capitalizes on arch design principles by using super lightweight concrete to serve as blocks over which structural concrete is poured, leveraging the arch effect translationally for load distribution, while capitalizing on longitudinal prestressing for total span capability. Several slab thicknesses will be available to achieve optimal spans in the 30- to 45-ft. range, supporting typical commercial and residential floor loads.

CC060320 T“Tindall can develop nearly every precast product imaginable, but T-SLAB is the missing piece in achieving our cost-competitive, total precast system,” says CEO Greg Force. “The system’s benefits ultimately reduce construction time and costs, crucial factors to consider when it comes to choosing a construction partner.”

In addition to the Carolinas, the producer is licensed to provide the flooring system in Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee and Virginia. T-SLAB production is scheduled to begin this month in the Tindall South Carolina Division, ahead of Georgia, Mississippi and Virginia plant ramp up by 2022. The producer will promote the system’s fire resistance and sound insulation performance, and capacity to offer greater design flexibility and construction enhancement than competing slab construction methods. T-SLAB production enables the inclusion of conduits, solid zones as may be structurally or functionally required, and holes for ducts and drains. When combined, such features make T-SLAB a cost-effective and schedule-friendly system, ideal for mixed-use, dormitory, multi-family residential, and office or hotel construction.

T-SLAB provides a streamlined process for general contractors, project owners and developers, architects and engineers looking for a single source supplier to provide a total precast building solution. The system benefits customers through accelerated schedules with fewer trades on site, creating less congestion and improved coordination. At roughly three times the width of typical hollow-core plank and equipped for greater span capability, T-SLAB features reduced set-out times to further enhance the benefit of prefabrication. System technology originated at the Technical Institute of Denmark in 2014 and has undergone rigorous testing to prove its engineering benefits and structural performance. Tindall recently obtained licensing rights from Abeo Concrete Technology to produce and provide solutions across current and new markets.