ClearSpan bolts on HD Beam series to buildings portfolio

ClearSpan Structures recently released the HD Beam Building, a new design featuring an I-beam frame enclosed by the company’s exclusive Armor Shield cover. Prospective construction materials users will note the structure’s offering in a number of stock sizes, or custom configurations to meet any operational requirement.


The pitched roof HD Beam joins ClearSpan’s arched structure series. Both bear Armor Shield, a vinyl cover equal to 549-psi tensile loads.

The HD Beam comes in standard widths of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 feet. Each width is available in standard lengths of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 feet. All packages can be engineered to meet any regional snow and wind loads, as well as local building codes.

While the stock options offer a wide range of sizes, ClearSpan engineers note, the HD series really distinguishes itself in custom sizes. Last year the company invested over $10 million in a new manufacturing facility that allows the HD Beam Building to be constructed to any size—limited only by project site. No matter how large, the building maintains baseline structural integrity.

The HD Beam’s strength owes to its materials. Each frame is made from triple-galvanized I-beam members, so it can withstand nearly any environment. Primary and secondary frames and purlins are made from grade 50 steel and finished with gray primer. The building has a 4:12 roof pitch and 12-ft. nominal height of 18-in eaves.

The Armor Shield Cover, a 29-oz. architectural vinyl, is designed to be one of the most dependable fabric coverings in the industry. It is composed of seven different layers, including a PVDF top coat that promotes maximum durability and repels dirt. In a tensile test, Armor Shield was able to hold 549 pounds per square inch, so it can provide the strength required in just about any application.

HD Beam Buildings come standard with solid or door end wall options. Most structures with the latter feature a 14-ft. square opening plus conventional size entry door. Buildings of 30- or 40-ft. width have 12-ft. square openings along with entry doors. ClearSpan engineers can tailor a structure around separate stockpiles, conveyor systems to move end product, custom doors and bay entrances. — ClearSpan, Engineering Services and Products Co., South Windsor, Conn., 860/528-1119;