Software expedites materials, underground structure takeoffs

The new Agtek Underground software combines intuitive data entry with flexible reporting to speed up takeoffs and track production of storm, sewer, water and other underground utilities. Underground applies trench and pipe specifications to compute bedding, cover, backfill, pipe displacement and trench spoil for each run of pipe. It likewise reports pipe and lateral lengths, plus counts of joints, valves and other fittings.



The next-generation Undergound and Materials software packages simplify respective takeoff and production control of pipe and underground utilities, along with aggregates, concrete, asphalt and dirt.

The program segments projects into construction phases, calculating excavation volumes by depth brackets and strata layers to ensure accurate bid quantities. Underground data is visualized via an intuitive graphical interface for easy user interaction. Trench models are exported for machine control systems and can be monitored for progress throughout construction to track against plan.

Programmers have fully integrated Underground is with companion Gradework software to harness the power of drone-derived data. Existing conditions can be validated and, when the job is won, production progress and procurement management for all underground materials are tracked on site. Progress is visualized using orthomosaic images, while data is shared effortlessly with the field, ensuring more informed decisions are made.

Underground was announced at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020 in Las Vegas, along with Materials, a sister software package to simplify takeoff and production control of construction materials. The new software puts materials first and accounts for all construction cost items without entering any data twice. Users can measure lengths, areas and counts, extending them into yards of concrete, tons of asphalt, counts of catch basins, and any other cost item. Jobs are segmented into trade-specific classes, including storm, sewer, water, electrical, grading, demolition, and phases to track job progress.

Like Underground, Materials is fully integrated with the Gradework software to harness the power of data extracted by unmanned aerial vehicles. Users can visualize all materials data in Google Earth to provide real-world experience of the project and its surrounding environment. In the field, data can be exported to the SmartPlan mobile app to access all material quantities on Apple or Android phones or tablets. — Agtek Development Co., Livermore, Calif., 800/441-1140;