Programmer opens artificial intelligence-enabled inspection app to agencies

Shortly after governments around the globe effected isolation measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Dynamic Infrastructure announced the availability of its artificial intelligence technology, free of charge, to departments of transportation and public private partnerships (P3). The New York- and Tel Aviv-based technology developer equips agencies to remotely manage critical bridge and tunnel maintenance and generates files with full analyses of their transportation assets.

Dynamic Infrastructure programs software to identify structural defects and capture data for contractor or agency use.

“A live 3D bridge with the related online visual medical records analysis enables remote discussions and decision making, avoiding unnecessary face-to-face meetings, and still provides a tool for making the relevant operation and maintenance decisions,” says Dynamic Infrastructure Chief Technology Officer Daniel Granatshtain. “People are still struggling to find the right way to ‘keep the maintenance running’ when workplaces and families are under full or partial quarantine. We know that remote access to assets, strong sharing capabilities and a knowledgeable decision support system can make a difference.”

Dynamic Infrastructure harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to disrupt critical transportation asset management, he adds. Founded by industry professionals bringing decades of experience with DOT and P3 entities, the firm has emerged as a key driver of a data revolution in decision-making processes related to bridge and tunnel operations and maintenance. — Dynamic Infrastructure, New York City, 646/233-1481;