Rebar connector research team targets large cage safety

Sources: Charles Pankow Foundation, McLean, Va.; CP staff

A lack of proper engineering design and detailing procedures to safeguard slurry wall foundation, cast-in-drilled hole pile and tall column rebar cage stability has compelled a Pankow Foundation grant for the American Society of Civil Engineers Construction Institute, teaming with the University of Nevada, Reno. Researchers will examine behavior of cages incorporating innovative mechanical connectors—U-bolt, threaded rod with plate and wire rope—during various loading conditions. 

Findings will inform industry design guidelines for fabrication and handling of large rebar cages, where collapse would create a safety hazard for crews, invite litigation, delay schedules and increase project costs. Research is proceeding with support from Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors – International Association of Foundation Drilling, Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, Harris Rebar/Nucor Corp., Keller Companies, Kiewit Corp., Parsons Corp., P.J.’s Rebar, Siefert Associates LLC and Williams Form Engineering.


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