Artificial intelligence powers distracted driver detection technology

Source: Lytx, San Diego; CP staff

The developer of the Drive Cam video telematics solution for recording heavy-duty truck cab and road incidents has added machine vision and artificial intelligence-powered (MV+AI) technology to provide near real-time insight into risky behaviors associated with handheld device use, failure to wear seat belts, consuming food or drink with vehicle in gear, and smoking.  

MV+AI technology senses and logs instances of drivers using handheld devices.

Lytx featured the MV+AI offering at ConExpo-Con/Agg last month in Las Vegas, describing the risk detection technology as acting like a co-pilot that constantly monitors the road and driver, triggering short video clips to provide insight into what’s really going on inside the vehicle. Risk detection technology is part of the Lytx Driver Safety Suite and can be coupled with the firm’s Fleet Tracking Service to provide a complete and integrated solution for fleets looking to optimize their vehicle technology with a single vendor.