Sensors capture and relay maturity, temperature, formwork pressure data

Exact devices provide principals on Toronto’s CIBC Square with maturity monitoring capability to indicate when concrete strength is approaching a) 16Mpa threshold enabling self-climbing formwork transfer; and, b) formwork pressure readings of self-consolidating mix loads.

Exact a

Relays, loggers and probes are at the heart of the Exact maturity and temperature monitoring package.

Exact Technology leverages GPS signaling; slab- or structure-embedded probes, loggers and relays; plus, cloud-enabled data transfer to provide cast-in-place concrete practitioners data critical to timely, safe construction operations and tight quality control. Rebar-mounted temperature probes and data relays are pre-tested and lab calibrated to within ±1°F. Ready mixed producers, engineers and concrete contractors deploy the devices in heavy/civil and high-rise building projects to obtain temperature, relative humidity and hydrostatic form pressure readings 24/7 via desktop or smartphone. Hardware and software are programmed to send users notifications when concrete parameters are met or exceeded, enabling timely form removal and schedule progression. System developers present their hardware offerings as plug-and-play, durable, steam-proof and waterproof. Companion software nets real-time, live dashboards, including automatically generated strength and maturity data graphs or charts. — Exact Technology Corp., Toronto, 647/812-0248;