Pulse valve maintains high peak pressure in dust collectors

The redesigned ASCO Series 353 Pulse Valve is engineered to help original equipment manufacturers and dust collector end-users achieve a more effective, efficient and convenient bag cleaning every time. With a higher peak pressure, wider temperature range, quick mount clamp connection and overall part simplification, the new series provides longer bag and filter life.

The new valve can be used in a wide range of applications, including concrete, cement and lime production. Without optimum peak pressure, dust collector cleaning becomes inefficient and the consumption of compressed air rises. Because it hits peak pressure quickly, the Series 353 creates a more effective cleaning process. The new design also leads to improved airflow through the filter bags or cartridges for optimized dust collector performance while reducing costly compressed air consumption.

“Through a rigorous engineering design and testing process, Emerson has optimized the ASCO Series 353 Pulse Valve to open, hit peak pressure and close faster. This gives our customers optimized filter cleaning and significant compressed air savings across all reverse-jet dust collector system applications,” says Emerson Industrial Automation Vice President of Global Marketing Erik VanLaningham.

In addition, the valve is designed with fewer moving parts for increased reliability and simplified maintenance. A longer valve lifespan—one million-plus cycles on average—results in more time between valve maintenance cycles. The Series 353 also offers a patented quick mount clamp connection, providing faster, easier installation, as well as connection options, like the classic dresser connection and threaded version. Emerson Fluid Control & Pneumatics, Florham Park, N.J.; www.emerson.com