Cribbing, outrigger blocks

Slot Lock cribbing blocks join company’s ProStack Cribbing product line. They are designed to provide height and fill gaps under equipment outriggers such as those supporting concrete pump trucks. Weighing under 30 lbs. each, the blocks stack and lock together, giving users the ability to safely gain needed cribbing height in unlevel conditions. Molded hand grips enable one person to carry and position blocks, even when wearing gloves.

“The combination of variable height, interlocking stackability, and compatibility with SafetyTech Outrigger Pads gives operators the safety and versatility needed when working in unlevel environments,” says DICA CEO Kris Koberg.

When used together, the combination of a SafetyTech Base Pad and two ProStack Blocks has a 100,000-lb. working load limit and a max allowable pressure of 500 psi. Slot Lock flanges interlock with a base pad and each subsequent block layer when positioned in alternating directions. Each layer increases cribbing height by 5 inches, and the surface allows room for outrigger feet measuring up to 18 in. square.

ProStack Cribbing components combine post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material, plus additives to produce a strong, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution. — DICA, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 800/610-3422;