Conveyor motion control

The new Model MSD-800 series motion sensing controls protect indoor and outdoor rotating equipment such as screw conveyors, belt conveyor pulleys, rotary feeders and bucket elevators from costly damage by continuously monitoring rotary speed. They alert the operator of a change in speed by sending a signal to the control unit, which can be used to sound an alarm and/or shut down the equipment completely. By monitoring speed, plant operators can greatly reduce system and equipment downtime by fixing malfunctions such as broken drive gears or belts, over-worked motors, belt overload and other problems before serious damage occurs.

MSD-800 speed sensor and control unit.

Model MSD is comprised of two distinct components: control unit and speed sensor. The former has a simple set up menu that can be programmed to indicate two under-speed or two over-speed points, or one of each. The control unit acts as a digital tachometer that constantly displays the actual rotary speed of the equipment being monitored. It is installed remotely in a control panel—free from dust, dirt and vibration—and allows the operator to monitor equipment from a central location.

Installed directly to the shaft of the rotating equipment to be monitored, the speed sensor is enclosed in a rugged cast aluminum housing that is designed to withstand harsh environments. It detects motion by means of a precision metal disc with slots on its periphery generating electronic pulses as the disc rotates past an infrared light source. Pulses are transmitted to the MSD-800 control unit, where the signal is analyzed and the relays are activated or deactivated at preset signal speeds. The sensor enclosure is weatherproof, dust-tight and meets NEMA Type 3S, 4, 4X classifications. Conveyor Components Co., Croswell, Mich., 810/679-4211;