Euclid Chemical lands patent for low-dust, epoxy grout aggregate

Sources: Euclid Chemical Co., Cleveland; CP staff

A new patent covers dust-limiting aggregate in Euclid Chemical’s E3 epoxy grout series. Researchers developed the DL Technology to support worker safety by reducing the amount of handling and mixing dust in re-grouting routines typical of manufacturing or process equipment movement. 

Dust reduction has become more urgent in grout, mortar or concrete production and placement since the 2017-2018 implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s revised standard for respirable crystalline silica exposure in construction and general industry workplaces. In addition to the DL’s low-dust performance, Euclid cites other E3 series contractor-friendly features: easy installation, flowability, soap and water cleanup, plus work area staging without the need for assembling dust-free clean rooms. 

The line spans E3-Flowable, a high-strength formulation for large base plates and narrow configurations warranting flowability; E3-Deep Pour, formulated for placements up to 18 in., especially machine or equipment bases; E3-Xtreme, a three-component, high-flow formulation with high compressive strength, low compressive creep, and broad effective bearing area characteristics; and, E3-HCR, developed for aggressive chemical environments prone to concentrated acid, alkali, corrosive agent or solvent exposure. —