Green cement developer lands patent for geopolymer formulations

Sources: Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, France; CP staff

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has been granted a patent for its H-P2A (High Performance Alkaline Activation) geopolymer technology in the United States. H-P2A supports formulation of low-carbon cements for the mortar and industrial adhesive markets.

“This U.S. patent is the recognition of the constant work undertaken by our teams and the importance we pay to Hoffmann Green’s future stages of development in the short, medium and long term,” note company co-founders Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann. “The decarbonization of the construction sector is a global issue, and we can play an integral part in this process thanks to our innovative and disruptive technologies.”

H-P2A technology, they add, encompasses flash clay mixed with silicate and activators and specifically formulated superactivators. The quick set product attains tensile strength of 25 MPa, and can be delivered to users as an active powder plus liquid solution, or blend of two pastes. Hoffmann has developed H-P2A, along with H-EVA and H-UKR technologies, with an eye to binders bearing lower carbon footprints than portland cement.