Robotic mason’s tale lands on pages of Simon & Schuster

Sources: Avid Reader Press, New York; Construction Robotics Inc., Victor, N.Y.; CP staff

Author Jonathan Waldman profiles Construction Robotics’ development of the Semi-Automated Mason (SAM) and Material Unit Lift Enhancer (MULE) machines for laying brick and block in SAM – One Robot, a Dozen Engineers and the Race to Revolutionize the Way We Build. Simon & Schuster imprint Avid Reader presents the 288-page book as “A true story of innovation, centered on a scrappy team of engineers—far from the Silicon Valley limelight—and their quest to achieve a surprisingly difficult technological feat: building a robot that can lay bricks.”

The publisher credits Waldman with bringing readers “inside the world of the renegade company revolutionizing the most traditional trade.” Founded by architect Nate Podkaminer and his son-in-law Scott Peters, Construction Robotics showed the SAM and MULE machines at World of Concrete in 2017 and 2018. The MULE traveled quickly from Las Vegas to Indianapolis for the National Concrete Masonry Association’s 2018 ICON Expo – Machinery & Equipment Show.   

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