Superstorm FLASHback spotlights robust ICF home

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) Partnership in Tallahassee, Fla., has marked the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Sandy’s sweep through coastal New Jersey and New York with a new video, streaming at #HurricaneStrong on YouTube, featuring a storm survivor’s commitment to building her home back better and creating resilience in the face of future storms.


Insulating concrete form assemblies from Logix and Quad-Lock, coupled with Eagle Roofing concrete tile, equip the new Hellriegel residence, aka #HurricaneStrong Home, for future Atlantic Seaboard weather fronts.

Hurricane-force winds and deadly Atlantic Ocean surge destroyed Diane Hellriegel’s 1955 home in Breezy Point, a neighborhood along the waterfront of Queens, N.Y. A new wind- and flood-resistant, energy-efficient residence in its place underscores the capacity of insulating concrete forms and concrete roof tiles to abide model building codes, best coastal construction practices, and Insurance Institute for Building and Home Safety Fortified Home methods.

“Bringing our partners together to rebuild Diane’s home showcases the many affordable options for durable, resilient construction with everyday benefits as well as future safety value,” says FLASH CEO Leslie Chapman-Henderson.

The #HurricaneStrong Home is a demonstration project presented by FLASH, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Eagle Roofing, Logix, Portland Cement Association, Insulating Concrete Form Manufacturers Association, New Jersey Institute of Technology, plus a host of other building material or product suppliers, technology interests and allied organizations.

“Novus is established to provide the resources to build energy-efficient and fireproof homes,” says Here to Serve President Cesar Herrera. “We are fully trained to install ICF products and believe we will see a significant increase in demand due to severe weather conditions, wildfires, and the desire to build energy efficient homes and commercial properties.

“Every time I mention ICF to contractors, they ask me why anyone in California would build with wood. We believe we are well on our way to introducing revolutionary construction technology that is earthquake, fire, noise, pollution and water resistant, and are pleased with the reception from contractors that are eager to move forward with us.”