Continental toughens mixer- and dump-grade tire series

An early-fall gathering at Continental Tire’s 5,000-acre proving ground in Evald, Texas, served as the public debut of new Generation 3 construction truck tires for on/off-road or mixed use. The Conti HSC 3 steer/all-position tire, Conti HDC 3 drive tire, and Conti HAC 3 all-position tire deliver key benefits for concrete, construction and other on/off-road applications. All arrive from the factory pre-equipped with Continental tire sensors for digital monitoring of air pressure and tire temperature, and are covered by a six-year, three-retread warranty.

A mixer equipped with Conti HAC 3 tires on the steer axle and ContiTread HDC 3 tires on its trailing axles showcases the Generation 3 series’ traction capabilities while navigating across a 30-ft.-wide sand pit at Continental’s Uvalde Proving Grounds.

Continental’s newest generation of construction tires for mixed service—Conti HAC 3, HDC 3 and HSC 3—feature high-performance cap/base tread compounds to deliver the performance fleets demand in mileage, durability, and traction. A premounted sensor (below) helps enhance these benefits through digital tire monitoring.

The intelligent tires feature a sensor, which can be read from a receiver system best suited for the operator’s needs. Components of the systems can be combined. For example, customers can use ContiPressureCheck (right) in-cab displays along with ContiConnect Yard (center), so drivers can be informed while on the road and the fleet manager see the data in the web portal once the trucks return.

The Conti HSC 3 tire offers significant benefits over its predecessor, HSC1, including an estimated 11-percent mileage improvement. New cap/base tread compounds deliver a 100-percent improvement in cuts to the belt during cut-and-chip testing, as well as reducing heat build-up. Additionally, an off-road belt package offers improved penetration resistance. The tire has a 24/32-in. tread depth and is currently available in 11R22.5 LRH, 11R24.5 LRH, and 315/80R22.5 LRL sizes.

The Conti HDC 3 provides an estimated 15-percent improvement in life expectancy over the previous HDC1 model. The new tread pattern delivers lateral traction throughout tire life, and features a self-cleaning design to prevent stone drilling. The tire also has a broad, even-pressure footprint for improved wear, traction and cut resistance. The Conti HDC 3 has a 30/32-in. tread depth and is available in sizes 11R22.5 LRH and 11R24.5 LRH. Both Conti HSC 3 and HDC 3 tires have a matching retread, which are available in 210-, 220-, 230-, and 240-mm widths. ContiTread HDC 3 is also available in a 250-mm width.

With new cap/base tread compounds for better mileage and traction, the Conti HAC 3 offers more advantages than its HTC1 predecessor. The tire has a casing designed to resist irregular wear, a self-cleaning tread pattern, and a rugged 4-belt package to resist impacts, bruises and penetrations, providing maximum hours of service. The Conti HAC 3 is currently available in 385/65R22.5 LRL at 22/32-in. tread depth and 425/65R22.5 LRL at 24/32-in. tread depth.


Every Generation 3 construction tire comes pre-equipped with a sensor securely mounted on the inner liner of the tire for maximum accuracy and protection from theft and damage. Continental offers multiple receiver systems to read the sensors, which can be combined to take advantage of different functionalities to create a customized fit for each fleet.

ContiConnect is ideal for fleets whose trucks return to the plant daily. A reader station, mounted in the fleet yard, collects data from all the tire sensors within range, an approximate 65-ft. radius. The data is analyzed and displayed in the ContiConnect web portal, which is mobile-friendly for viewing on phones or tablets. The system also triggers text and email alerts for low tire pressure or high temperature, using custom thresholds set by the fleet within the system’s operating limits.

ContiPressureCheck monitors a single vehicle in real-time, alerting the driver to tire pressure and temperature issues via an in-cab display. It is ideal for fleets whose trucks are away for longer periods of time. The system can also be connected to any of Continental’s telematics partners for remote data viewing in the telematics platform. Additionally, Continental offers ContiPressureCheck Solo, which targets greenhouse gas regulation compliance for trailers. — Continental Tire the Americas,