Partnership scales up carbon dioxide-mineralizing aggregate production

Sources: Kamine Development Corp., Bedminster, N.J.; CP staff

Blue Planet and utility infrastructure specialist Kamine Development have teamed to deploy the former company’s mineralization technology for converting power plant carbon dioxide emissions to a concrete-grade, synthetic limestone. The net CO2-sequestration effect has to potential to offset emissions associated with portland cement production and render a concrete mix designed with the synthetic limestone as carbon neutral or negative. 

“This partnership will allow us to scale our profitable technology globally with tremendous efficiency,” says Blue Planet CEO Brent Constantz. “A first run of the market opportunity is that there are over 5,000 identified sites [globally] that would be a good fit for Blue Planet and KDC.” If all the initial sites were developed, he adds, a substantial portion of anthropogenic CO2 emissions could be curtailed the world over. 

Constantz holds 100-plus U.S. patents tied to the mineralization process, including those secured during an initial research & development phase under Los Gatos, Calif.-based Calera Corp. Investors and advisors backing him include actor Leonardo DiCaprio, a Stanford University past president, and individuals involved with the LEED green building rating system development.

“Blue Planet’s technology has the capability to help reverse climate change on a global level while creating a closed-loop concrete system and simultaneously sequester CO2 from power plants forever,” observes KDC CEO Hal Kamine. “We believe this will become a substantial global business. There is no reason that every building, bridge, road now should not be carbon negative as we can sell these materials into the market at present pricing. This fits into all existing systems in an economical and sustainable way.”