Texas CIM venue hosts ACPA Pipe School and Show

Source: American Concrete Pipe Association, Irving, Texas

The American Concrete Pipe Association will spur a strong start to the new year for drainage engineering and construction professionals, producer and associate members, plus allied interests. The ACPA 2020 Pipe School and Show runs January 6-9 at Texas State University, San Marcos, home to the most recently chartered Concrete Industry Management four-year degree program. 

The Pipe School and Show is a critical training and development mechanism for the concrete production workforce and transportation professionals. Event content and networking opportunities help concrete pipe and precast structures or elements retain their top spot in drainage infrastructure specifications. Among ACPA 2020 Pipe School headliners will be the second installment of the Transportation Track, providing department of transportation and agency professionals a forum to share best practices or innovations that stretch their budgets and deliver on commitments to taxpayers. With an instructor line up of City of Austin, University of Virginia Center for Transportation Studies and 12 state DOT representatives, the 2020 Transportation Track will address research, asset management, resiliency, innovation, workforce development and design. 

A full Pipe School and Show agenda, along with registration details, are posted at www.concretepipe.org.