Manufacturer scales mortar mixer for 3D printing

Zoomlion subsidiary m-tec has announced the availability of the Duo-mix mortar mixer in North America, Europe and Asia. The adaptable machine is designed especially for mortar used in 3D construction printing. It can process all standard dry mortar products ranging from bagged or silo to bucket coat material up to a grain size of 4mm.

Duo-mix can be connected with back-end robots for 3D printing, and produce high-performance concrete with high compressive strength. It can also accurately adjust the construction speed according to the needs of the project, ensuring the strength of each layer of mortar, while maintaining the best adhesive ability even under humid conditions. The mixer best suits budget-wise or fast track construction projects, and allows for external control via a mobile app for a higher level of automation. It can also improve construction quality, the environment of the construction site and solve labor shortage issues by using an automatic conveying and spraying technology for jobs up to 60 meters wide and 30 meters high.