ICF distributor corrals California builders for migration from wood

Sources: Here To Serve Holding Corp., White Plains, N.Y.; CP staff

Novus Ordo Industries Inc., a subsidiary of insulating concrete form specialist Here to Serve, has secured an exclusive contract to sell proprietary ICF systems in two of California’s most populous counties, Los Angeles and Riverside. Novus Ordo will kick off Golden State market development with late-2019 training sessions for 30 contractors. 

“Novus is established to provide the resources to build energy-efficient and fireproof homes,” says Here to Serve President Cesar Herrera. “We are fully trained to install ICF products and believe we will see a significant increase in demand due to severe weather conditions, wildfires, and the desire to build energy-efficient homes and commercial properties.

“Every time I mention ICF to contractors, they ask me why anyone in California would build with wood. We believe we are well on our way to introducing revolutionary construction technology that is earthquake, fire, noise, pollution and water resistant, and are pleased with the reception from contractors that are eager to move forward with us.” Novus has enlisted 30 builders for late-2019 training sessions on ICF methods and is prepared to supply them with home plans and form packages.