Galvanized bar demonstrates potential for century-plus service life

Ft. Worth, Texas-based metal coating solutions provider AZZ Inc. reports that its continuous galvanized rebar (CGR) product, Galvabar, has been found to provide reliable concrete reinforcement with a plausible service life exceeding 100 years. A Texas A&M University College of Engineering research team, addressing last month’s Tran-SET seminar at the school’s Center for Infrastructure Renewal in Bryan, presented findings from an investigation examining cost-effectiveness and longevity of different concrete reinforcements.


Continuous galvanized rebar processing and AZZ Galvabar field performance potential are detailed in a Texas A&M College of Engineering research report posted at

“CGR will continue to be tested for even greater longevity, by combining it with epoxy coatings and low carbon corrosion resistant chromium alloy steels,” said Department of Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor Dr. Homero Castaneda-Lopez.

“The initial findings from the research are extremely encouraging and support the value proposition that Galvabar provides our customers the potential for corrosion protection of 100 years,” added AZZ Surface Technologies Senior Vice President Michael Doucet. “Given the extreme need to upgrade major infrastructure throughout the United States, these findings confirm our expectations that Galvabar can be highly effective from an engineering perspective and delivers significant cost-efficiencies. AZZ’s partnership with the University’s research team, which uses pioneering research at their corrosion lab, allows us to quantify the value of Galvabar.”