Cemex aims to dump idle truck time through Quarry Link app

Sources: Cemex USA, Houston; CP staff

Following a successful pilot of expedited order loading and tracking at its FEC Quarry outside Miami, Cemex USA is rolling out a major extension of its Go mobile technology platform, launched in 2017 for concrete accounts with an eye to digital transformation of the heavy building materials business. Measured against current methods, the Go Quarry Link app enables customers to receive aggregate orders with greater efficiency and provides real-time truck monitoring plus better product visibility and loadout processes. 

“We want [customers] to get what they need, when they need it, quickly and accurately,” affirms Cemex USA President Jaime Muguiro. “By leveraging technology and connecting digitally, we are able to give customers additional value by reducing the time they need to spend at our quarries and allowing them to get back to their projects.”

“[Customers] are concerned about cycle times, knowing where their trucks are, and what products are available,” adds Cemex USA Vice President of Aggregates—West Region Graham Hardwick. “Cemex Go Quarry Link offers a connected, digital solution that provides greater transparency to the whole process, enabling customers to better manage their time and business.”

Under the FEC Quarry pilot, customers order aggregates prior to truck arrival. When entering the plant, RFID sensors scan tags on dump trucks as the Go Quarry Link technology begins order processing. Trucks are scanned again at entrance scales and drivers directed to corresponding automated loadout stations. Digital technology helps produce the required aggregate mixes. Loaded trucks are then weighed on exit scales programmed to ensure load accuracy, while an automated dispatch system speeds end ticketing. 

“Florida is growing and Cemex is fueling that growth with high-quality aggregates that support infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings,” notes Cemex Vice President and General Manager of Aggregates–Florida Region Travis Wellman. “FEC is one of the largest quarries in the U.S., and Go Quarry Link is helping set a new standard for efficiency.”

Concurrent with the Quarry Link launch, Cemex is releasing the companion Pick-Up app so customers can know wait times and have greater visibility of available products. The two new extensions will add to a Go platform whose worldwide user base nears 35,000.


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