Concrete boom pump safety measures go ballistic

Python Protective Covers and Sleeves put safety at the forefront of concrete pumping by reducing the risks associated with pipe blow-outs and slurry spatter. Product developers credit Python performance to ballistic-grade fabric technology coupled with a user-friendly, universal design to protect workers, equipment and jobsites. The covers and sleeves are designed to distribute high pressure mix or slurry bursts through overlapping-pocketed material. Upon impact, internally tucked fabric releases, absorbing kenetic energy and ballooning the cover or sleeve up to 30 percent more than its original size.

Python ii

Python iii

Ballistic fabric Python covers and sleeves suit all shapes and sizes of concrete pumping equipment, including line pipe and elbows of varying angle.

The non-breathable ballistic fabric captures debris, big and small; covers or sleeves then enable pumping crews to transfer material to designated collection or disposal points. In online pumps and boom trucks, captured concrete mix or slurry is drained downward for clean up or recycling. In high-rise building placements, Python covers connect over pipe clamps and direct captured material by gravity from one cover to the next. The Python universal transition elbow cover (PY-TEC) suits all types of concrete pump fleets. Its unique design is pliable, diesel-repellent and provides stress-free part management. Rounding out the Python series are the Line pump elbow cover (PY-LPC), fitting standard long radius and lazy elbows; Line pump transition cover (PY-LTC), fitting 90-deg. elbow with line pipe/reducer; and, Placing system line cover (PY-PSC), a 12-ft. overlapping cover for 10-ft. pipe and clamps. Covers and sleeves are shipped with quick-clasp straps. — Suburban Manufacturing Group, Monticello, Minn., 800/782-5752;