36-in. Slim stone bulks up Oldcastle APG veneer program

Atlanta-based Oldcastle APG has broadened its Echelon brand with a line of full-depth veneer stone that delivers a distinctive aesthetic, increased durability, and reduced installation time.

Aria i

Aria Slim Stone texture and color range includes smooth Graphite and Limestone offerings.

“Aria Slim Stone is ideal for adding a unique touch of modern styling,” says Brand Manager Dave Jackson. “Designed with masons in mind, it is easy to install, endlessly versatile and features unmatched durability.”

The premium design of Aria Slim Stone offers flexibility for interior and exterior conditions, he adds, and features a unique, linear profile enabling application of the same veneer on both facades and in corners. Versatility and workability owe to the series’ sleek, exclusive 36-in. long veneer profile. The longer dimension addresses tight labor market considerations by reducing installation time, while a full 3 5/8-in. bed depth contributes to wall integrity.

Aria Slim Stone is available in Alabaster, Buff, Graphite and Limestone colors, and finishes from smooth to shot blast. With a range of textures and colors, the series complements mixed-material designs to deliver a timeless, contemporary look. www.EchelonMasonry.com