Hawaii DOT welcomes demonstration of carbon dioxide-injected pavement mixes

Working with Island Ready-Mix Concrete of Kapolei, the Hawaii Department of Transportation is testing material made with the CarbonCure Technologies process, where industry-sourced carbon dioxide gas is recycled into the mix, imparts strength development and other performance properties, and enables portland cement optimization. As demonstrated in 100-plus ready mixed plants on the mainland, the process entails conversion of the greenhouse gas into a mineral form, permanently embedded in a concrete slab or structure.

CarbonCure Technologies equipped Island Ready-Mix for interchange pavement mix production by installing carbon dioxide supply and injection equipment.
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HDOT’s test involves 150 yd. of CO2-injected concrete placed next to a standard control mix for a Kapolei Interchange Phase 2 access road. Island Ready-Mix sourced the CO2 for the CarbonCure process from Hawaii Gas and distributor Matheson Gas. The Oahu Island demonstration comes on the heels of a Honolulu City Council resolution requesting “the city administration to consider using carbon dioxide mineralization concrete for all future city infrastructure projects utilizing concrete.”