Fast-set coating

HT-100F polyurea coating can be applied in cooler temperatures without affecting durability. A chemical reaction draws the polyurea into the concrete to create a strong bond to the surface. The fast-setting coating’s elongation properties help bridge cracks in concrete, deliver lower permeability for better waterproofing, and provide decades of protection. HT-100F is shown here at the site of a 1 million-plus square foot resort project. Specialty Products, Inc., Lakewood, Wash., 253/588-7101;

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Scale terminal

The attendant-free FB2550 Driver Assist Terminal is designed to speed the vehicle-weighing process and reduce associated operating costs. It allows terminal interaction without leaving the vehicle, eliminating safety concerns and liability that can occur when drivers walk across scale platforms and traffic lanes. A color touch screen, large text and numeric keys, as well as simple-to-understand prompts facilitate and speed operation. The FB2550 also features built in Ethernet connectivity that easily interfaces scale transaction data with a company’s existing computer network.

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Two-, four-point spreader beam


Model 33 modular system is the newest addition to the company’s spreader beam program. Various sections, end or corner fittings, and lifter components net a wide range of beam configurations and capacities. Company’s four-point system can be deployed in square or rectangular formats. In addition, both the two- and four-point system components are interchangeable with similar systems.

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Topcon raises concrete paving bar through Millimeter GPS


Concrete paving is pretty complex and achieving quality, long-lasting results requires skill, the right equipment, and advanced technology. At its root, pavement is an outdoor floor … a hardscape surface covering that is driven or walked on. One of the major advantages of concrete pavements is they are typically stronger and more durable than other types of surfaces. They also can be grooved to provide a tough, skid-resistant surface. A notable disadvantage is that they typically can be more time-consuming to construct. Thus, concrete contractors have turned to technology for production-enhancing efficiencies and improved results.

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CalPortland states case for carbonation line item in GHG accounting

Sources: CalPortland Co., Glendora, Calif.

In a recent paper summarizing peer-reviewed scientific studies, the staff of key West Coast cement, aggregate and ready mixed producer CalPortland cites the exclusion of a critical factor in global, national, and regional greenhouse gas accounting methods: Concrete buildings, pavements and structures’ silent absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—to such an apparent degree that the built environment represents one of the world’s largest carbon storehouses. While considerable attention has been paid to quantifying the industrial phase emissions from cement production, authors observe, the natural reversal process of CO2 uptake during concrete’s complete material service life is just beginning to receive the consideration it deserves.

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