ACI 318-19 Building Code debuts with new aggregate, SCM provisions

Sources: American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich.; CP staff

ACI 318-19 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete has been released in print and digital formats. The new edition has full-color illustrations to improve clarity, and includes major technical changes in higher reinforcing steel yield strengths; added shotcrete and deep foundation provisions; seismic requirements for deep foundations and other applications; vertical seismic motions; nonlinear analysis for seismic design; modification to development length equations; and, updated shear design provisions and equations. 

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Scoping the future, PCI Foundation steps up student outreach

Sources: Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Foundation, Chicago; CP staff

“Our mission is to impact the future of the built environment while promoting the use of precast concrete. We are partnering with bright young minds to push the boundaries of precast design and construction to do what has never been done before,” says PCI Foundation Executive Director Marty McIntyre, outlining 2019-2020 initiatives. 

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