Iron oxide-rich granulated pigments

CathayGran inorganic, micro-granulated pigments for concrete masonry or hardscape units are produced with a new generation of spray-drying technology. The process yields free flowing, easy to handle, consistently graded granules that exhibit optimal dispersing characteristics in block or paver mixes. The CathayGran series spans the full spectrum of concrete-coloring pigments, all of which are processed at the highest purity possible.

PHOTOS: Cathay Industries USA

Calstone Co. tapped the CathayGran spectrum for architectural concrete masonry units on two recent projects in its northern California home base: the Stanford Boathouse in Redwood City (right) and Hollister Fire House Number 1 (above).

Excellent flow properties enable the granules’ use on all major automatic pigment dosing systems. CathayGran agents are likewise compatible with commonly specified admixtures, based on their non-soluble inorganic chemistry, and can be used in environmentally sensitive conditions. They are available in water degradable paper and plastic bags for batched and pre-mixed concrete loads or bulk bags for high volume plants. Cathay Industries USA, St. Charles, Ill., 855/422-8429,