Ductile rebar research team seeks simplified precast connector specs

Sources: Charles Pankow Foundation, McLean, Va.; CP staff

A Charles Pankow Foundation grant will fund “Seismic Precast Concrete Wall and Frame Structures with Short-Grouted Ductile Rebar Connections,” a University of Notre Dame Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences investigation under Yahya Kurama, PhD, PE. Findings could support the development of commercially available connectors holding the potential to simplify precast wall and frame construction. 

The project will address a market need with an eye to a non-proprietary and cost-effective, high-performance grouted connector using commercially available corrugated steel ducts and grouts. Investigators will conduct the required ACI ITG 5.1 and ITG 1.1 validation testing of precast wall and frame structures using the proposed connectors in high seismic regions. Structural systems to be validated and related test specimens will include special or rocking shear walls, along with special moment resisting frame columns. Joining the Pankow Foundation in support of the Notre Dame research are the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute plus producer members Metromont Corp. and Clark Pacific.