Dayton Superior sheds paving products in Simplex deal

Sources: Dayton Superior Corp., Miamisburg, Ohio; CP staff

Minnesota-based Simplex Construction Supplies Inc. has closed on the Dayton Superior Road and Highway Concrete Paving Division, encompassing pavement and curb & gutter forms, load transfer products and bar supports. The transaction positions the suitor as a leading source of infrastructure products and solutions for heavy and highway contractors throughout the country.

“The combination of Dayton’s skilled customer service with our talented sales team and Dayton’s manufacturing capacity with our industry-leading focus on innovation creates the only coast-to-coast and cradle-to-grave steel reinforcing manufacturer in the United States,” says Simplex President Sarah Bazey. Simplex, she adds, now has a) the unique capability to serve all 50 states and control the production of epoxy coated reinforcing steel for concrete paving infrastructure from start to finish; b) robust distribution and manufacturing operations with the flexibility to meet contractor demands and provide consistent quality assurance for specifying agencies; and, c) a combined footprint of 448,000 square feet under roof and 25 acres of capacity across Minneapolis, Ontario, Calif., plus Carlyle and Kankakee, Ill. locations.

The Paving Division sale will allow Dayton Superior to “more fully focus on the enhancement and growth acceleration of the accessory, chemical and forming solutions that are the foundation of the company’s concrete construction product portfolio,” management notes.