Dayton Superior sheds paving products in Simplex deal

Sources: Dayton Superior Corp., Miamisburg, Ohio; CP staff

Minnesota-based Simplex Construction Supplies Inc. has closed on the Dayton Superior Road and Highway Concrete Paving Division, encompassing pavement and curb & gutter forms, load transfer products and bar supports. The transaction positions the suitor as a leading source of infrastructure products and solutions for heavy and highway contractors throughout the country.

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New NPCA committee structure boosts market response mechanisms

Sources: National Precast Concrete Association, Carmel, Ind.; CP staff

NPCA directors have approved a new structure of Board and Products Committees, citing their improved capacity “to move quickly to address opportunities and threats” and potential to “provide a meaningful forum in which members can work on specific issues that impact the industry.”

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Contractors affirm stand on air measurement in non-AE mixes

Source: American Society of Concrete Contractors, St. Louis

The latest ASCC position statement, “Measuring Air Content in Non-Air-Entrained Concrete,” conveys contractors’ point of view for architects, engineers, owners and others. The document explains that while air content is reported in the mix design submitted for air-entrained concrete and measured in the field for compliance, air content measurements are rarely specified or measured for non-air-entrained concrete.

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Ductile rebar research team seeks simplified precast connector specs

Sources: Charles Pankow Foundation, McLean, Va.; CP staff

A Charles Pankow Foundation grant will fund “Seismic Precast Concrete Wall and Frame Structures with Short-Grouted Ductile Rebar Connections,” a University of Notre Dame Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences investigation under Yahya Kurama, PhD, PE. Findings could support the development of commercially available connectors holding the potential to simplify precast wall and frame construction. 

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