Lauren Concrete ushers Lytx safety program through town hall events

Video telematics, analytics, productivity and safety solutions provider Lytx is equipping Austin, Texas-based Lauren Concrete with its Driver Safety Program. Anchored by the cab-mounted DriveCam monitor and event recorder, the technology will be installed in a fleet of nearly 250 mixer, tractor-dump trailer and pick up trucks serving central, east and west Texas markets.

The event-recording DriveCam device equips Lauren Concrete drivers with a critical tool for honing best practices behind the wheel and capturing footage of incidents involving other vehicles.

“Lytx brought an innovative, compelling vision to the table,” says Lauren Vice President of Safety and Environmental Affairs Kurt Holman. “We’re backed by an industry leader that can help us harness the power of video to improve driver behavior and create a better future for our brand.”

Safety is at the heart of the producer’s mission notes Holman, citing 13 Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) Awards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 2018. “We treat employees like family, and continuous improvement drives everything we do,” he affirms. “When we saw an opportunity to improve our incident rates, we engaged with Lytx and were impressed by the breadth and depth of [its] data capabilities.”

In choosing the Driver Safety Program, Lauren Concrete recognized the flexibility of the Lytx coaching workflow. With an emphasis on changing driver behavior through positive, constructive feedback, management felt confident that Lytx would be able to support the company’s unique needs and offer viable options for handling revealing data insights and safety challenges.

“Ultimately, working with Lytx will help us enhance driving talents in our fleet, drive down incident rates and claims costs, and fully understand and solve the challenges that our drivers face on the road,” Holman observes.

A family-oriented company, Lauren Concrete understood that it would need to clearly communicate to workers its goals for a driver safety program from the outset. Holman and Lauren Concrete Chief Executive Officer Ryan Bartholemew organized town hall-style meetings with each company division, establishing an open dialogue around the decision to install DriveCam units throughout the fleet.

“We understood the potential of our operators to be wary of in-cab technology,” says Bartholemew. “We wanted to get ahead of it by opening a conversation with the whole team and reinforcing our commitment to safety. Our main priority is that each of our drivers climbs into his or her truck knowing that they’re receiving the most comprehensive safety support from the Lauren team and, most importantly, that they get home safely each night.”

“Before deploying the Lytx Driver Safety Program, it was essential for us to emphasize to our team that the addition of safety technology won’t change ‘The Lauren Way.’ Instead, it will enhance it by allowing us to learn together and move toward enhanced safety as a cohesive group,” Holman adds.

The town hall meetings offered a platform for drivers to ask questions anonymously. What followed was a frank conversation addressing their concerns and clarifying the wide range of benefits that could result from the Driver Safety Program rollout. With the power of video telematics supporting its fleet, Lauren Concrete is better equipped to protect drivers from potentially litigious scenarios and coach them toward exceptional safety achievements. Lytx, Inc., San Diego,