Maturity sensor specialist integrates artificial intelligence in QC

The proprietor of the wireless, slab-embedded SmartRock sensor is extending its temperature and maturity monitoring capabilities with Roxi, a platform applying artificial intelligence methods to concrete quality control. Ottawa-based Giatec Scientific Inc. developed the platform in conjunction with Mila, a McGill University- and University of Montreal-hosted lab, and announced the effort last month at the 2019 bauma trade fair in Munich.

Roxi ii

Sample screens show the Roxi function’s capacity to leverage artificial intelligence methods so SmartRock users have a better handle on pre-pour site conditions and strength development as indicated in concrete maturity level readings from slab-embedded sensors.

“Being leaders in concrete testing technology, we wanted to work with the leading authority on artificial intelligence to enhance our in-house machine learning capabilities,” says Giatec Chief Product Officer Dr. Aali Alizadeh. “Roxi is another leap forward, ensuring that concrete testing speeds up the construction process, rather than slow it down.”

The platform was built specifically for the SmartRock wireless sensor. When linked to more than 3,800 sensor-equipped projects worldwide, Roxi will have access to millions of data points, and ultimately begin to detect anomalies at various stages of the concrete life-cycle, from production, delivery and placement to hardening and service or operation.