Corps of Engineers issues global license for its patented UHPC

Sources: Cor-Tuf, Manassas, Va.; CP staff

Cor-Tuf UHPC has secured a worldwide license for production of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-patented ultra-high performance concrete, which develops up to 28,000 psi compressive and 2,700 psi tensile strengths. The Corps researched and formulated the product (US patent No. US 8016938 B2) to address the Defense Department’s demand for a strong, resilient material suited to blast- or intrusion-prone personnel and weapons facilities.

After a rigorous application process, Cor-Tuf UHPC has been selected as the one and only licensed producer for public and private sector work. Its engineering and practitioner team is equipped to make the concrete technology available for use in all building and nonbuilding applications. The firm characterizes the UHPC formulation as one of “integrated fibers and a blend of proprietary ingredients which chemically change the make-up of the finished product to be stronger and more durable than conventional concrete … [The product] separates itself from other UHPC by honing and refining the proprietary constituents which make up roughly 20 percent of its total composition. These refinements impart several much-needed advancements into the product allowing Cor-Tuf UHPC to be pumpable, highly workable (up to 117 minutes) and easily manufactured using the same conventional methods as common concrete.”

Cor-Tuf Founder Douglas Darling and colleagues will demonstrate their UHPC mix production and placement during the Second International Interactive Symposium on UHPC from June 2-5 in Albany, N.Y.  —