Intelligent assistance systems steer larger Liebherr loaders

Liebherr USA Co. parent, Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH, will premier safety- and service life-augmenting technologies for XPower wheel loaders at bauma 2019, staged next month in Munich. Topping the roster are active rear person recognition and a sensor-supported, integrated tire pressure monitoring system. Each has been developed in house and fully integrated into machine controls.

Active rear person recognition helps prevent accidents.
Liebherr ii

Integrated monitoring system helps increase tire service life.

Liebherr’s new assistance systems increase comfort and safety in daily operations: They enable machine operators to concentrate more on running their wheel loader by removing additional distractions. For example, the active rear person recognition automatically provides a warning on the cab display and sounds acoustic signals if there is danger aft of the machine. A special feature of this system is the use of sensors that automatically differentiate between people and objects. If a person moves in the area behind the machine, the system alerts the machine operator. The active rear person recognition is activated at a greater distance than warning systems for inanimate objects such as walls or columns. The operator therefore receives a more precise warning if there is a risk of collision. The active rear person recognition thereby avoids an overload of warning signals, which in turn reduces the burden on the machine operator.


Operating loaders at incorrect tire pressure levels leads to increased wear and rising fuel consumption, Liebherr engineers affirm. Other negative consequences are stability limitations and reduced maneuverability. The manufacturer’s new integrated tire pressure monitoring system detects air levels and contributes to increased service life. Sensors record tire pressure levels and indicates them on a cab display. If there are deviations from optimal tire pressure, the machine operator receives a warning notification, and can act if there is insufficient pressure or excessive temperature levels in order to avoid safety risks and high associated costs. The integrated tire pressure monitoring system is available as standard for many Liebherr machine groups.