Pumping group expands safety resource library, hand signals reference

The American Concrete Pumping Association has announced new and updated materials to provide concrete pumpers and contractors the most up-to-date resources for safely working on the job site. They complement the association’s robust safety library and are available for free download at www.concretepumpers.com.

“Our resources demonstrate ACPA’s commitment to fostering and promoting a positive safety culture within the concrete pumping industry,” says Executive Director Christi Collins. “The[y] provide specific recommendations for new concrete pump operators and experienced operators alike.”


The new “Safety Procedures When Maintaining a Concrete Pump” Manual covers basic hazards such as slip-and-fall, safety signals, burn hazards, and serious injury or death hazards. With detailed text and accompanying graphics, it includes sections on shop mechanics, safety signal definitions, rules for working with concrete boom pipelines and scheduled maintenance. This new manual is available for download on the Safety/Training section of www.concretepumpers.com or for hard-copy purchase in the publications section of ACPA’s online safety store; $3.00 (ACPA members) and $5.00 (non-members).


Special care must be taken to prevent hose whipping injuries when operating a concrete pump with a boom. ACPA’s new Hose Whipping Safety Bulletin has an expanded section on reducing injuries, including steps to take when it’s impractical to move personnel away from the hose. The updated bulletin also outlines ways the pump operator can communicate with the pour supervisor on preventing injuries with the placing crew. Finally, the new bulletin explains how the pump operator can safely troubleshoot hose blockages that could potentially lead to hose whipping injuries.


An updated pdf with graphical representations of safety hand signals is available on the Contractors section of the ACPA website for free download. The association previously employed 14 hand signals and has adopted two new ones to reference the actions of safely approaching a hose and moving away from a hose. This safety resource is available in both English and Spanish.

Additional resources are posted on the Safety/Training resources page on the ACPA website. The group’s online Safety/Training hub features a variety of safety publications and materials providing employers and employees with a wide array of knowledge for creating a safe environment when working around concrete pumps on the job site. In addition, the online catalog, www.concretepumpers.com/catalog, has materials available for purchase. The ACPA staff liaison on safety resources is Assistant Director Sue Schumacher, 614/431-5618.

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An updated ACPA hand signals pdf can be obtained free of charge in the Contractors section of www.concretepumpers.com. It covers 16 functions, including the new hand signals, “Move away from hose” (left) and “OK to approach hose.”